The Tragedy After Hurricanes


According to a T.V. news station outside of Orlando, Florida, ¨Hurricanes are the extreme part of weather that are a mixture of cold, wet, windy days but extreme.¨ Hurricanes are common on the East coast of the United States,  Bahamas, Cuba, and Western Pacific Islands such as Japan, the Philippines and Australia.

Each Hurricane has their own categories, category 1 means very dangerous weather ranging from 74 – 95 mph, category 2 means extremely dangerous conditions which ranges from 96 – 110 mph. Category 3 means devastating damage, which ranges from 111 to 129 mph, category 4 and 5 means catastrophic events, which are extremely dangerous hazardous conditions, which range from 130 – 156 mph, and 157 mph or higher. The average hurricane can dump 6 inches to 1 foot of rain across a region of land. Hurricanes can also cause tornadoes, and every second of a large hurricane it releases the energy of 10 atomic weapons.

Hurricane season starts June 1, to November 30, and tropical cyclones can occur outside their seasons.

According to Mr. Bernard, a science teacher at Hughson High School,  “Hurricanes can last long but lose strength when on land, because the warm water’s fuel the Hurricanes.”

He added, “Hurricanes can drop over 24 inches of precipitation per hour.

Bernard went on to say, “(the) Hurricane season is getting longer, there are some hurricanes that hit even though its not hurricane season even though its not common it happens.¨ 

According to CNBC, “Hurricane season is becoming longer and more intense as climate change triggers more frequent and destructive storms.” 

According to, ¨However, under the right conditions, tropical systems can take shape outside of the traditional hurricane season.¨

Bernard states that ¨Hurricanes are not common in the west coast, but are more often common in Florida, or on the east coast.¨

Bernard says, “Hurricanes can be as strong as 157 mph, or more.”

Bernard added that, ¨Hurricanes are more of a threat to humans than the Earth¨  because, ¨Hurricanes break buildings and then they have to build all of it back.¨