Phones: How Do They Affect the Lives of Students?


Yasmin Duran Ortiz, Staff Writer

Here at HHS, many teachers don’t allow the use of cell phones during class, not even to listen to music. They just see them as a distraction. Are phones really that much of a distraction for the students?

“My phone makes classes better because listening to music helps me do my work,” says Adrian Gutierres, a freshman at HHS.

Eduardo Yanez, another freshman at HHS said, “Phones take up some time from doing other things like spending time with family.”

On the other hand, phones are a great distraction for some students.

“I don’t do homework most of the time because I begin watching shows on Netflix and forget I have work to do,” says Elizabeth Mendoza, a sophomore.

Adriana Alvara, a freshman, said, “I don’t pay attention most of the time for being on my phone and watching videos on Youtube”.

Most of the students had around an 8 hour daily average of screen time on their phones. The one app that they mostly spend their time on is TikTok. What is your opinion on phones for students?