Hughson Key Club Volunteers At The Annual Peace Officer Memorial Run

Gisselle Rodriguez and Natalie Velasco

Why is it important to honor others? Honoring people indicates great respect and admiration for their line of work. The Peace Officer Memorial run was dedicated for the fallen police officers from Stanislaus County. There are 20 fallen officers from Stanislaus County that were being honored in this run.

 The initial reason for this run is for the fallen officers that worked for Stanislaus County.  Mary Locke, a student from Key Club at Hughson High said, “Each year both regular runners, as well as police officers join together to run the marathon in order to raise awareness for those who have sacrificed their life in the line of duty.”  Key Club is involved in this event every year by cheering on runners and making sure that they are safe and on the right course. 

This event was a race that ultimately did not have a winner. It sent an important message to the people of Stanislaus County that we recognize and respect their service. She added, “An extra detail some people may not know about the event is that the police officers always run in full uniform. The full uniform is an average of 30lbs, which makes running that much more difficult.” These details show that the officers of this county are strong and are willing to endure hardships for our community. 

This community honors and respects the fallen officers who have died during their line of duty. This Peace Officer Memorial Run was dedicated to them and their families and friends. To honor in this instance means to give respect and recognition to those who sacrificed their lives for their line of work.