Husky In The Hot Seat: Amy Ayon


Jesus Ayon Garcia, Staff Writer

Jesus: What grade are you in?

Amy: I am in 10th grade.

Jesus: How long have you been going to HHS?

Amy: I have been going to HHS for 2 years now.

Jesus: Do you plan to go to HHS for all 4 years?

Amy: Yes I plan to stay at HHS for all 4 years.

Jesus: Do you play any sports?

Amy: No I don’t

Jesus: Who inspires you?

Amy: My dad is someone who inspires me the most.

Jesus: Where are you from?

Amy: I am from San Jose.

Jesus: What’s your favorite subject in school?

Amy: English.

Jesus: What is your best memory you had in school?

Amy: My best memory is when we had a water fight and Zuri and I had to go to class all wet.

Jesus: What’s your favorite movie?

Amy: The Black phone.

Jesus: What’s your favorite snack?

Amy: Hot cheetos.

Jesus: What’s your dream vacation?

Amy: It would probably have to be going to France.

Jesus:  What’s your dream job?

Amy: I want to be a cop.

Jesus: What’s something you want everyone to know?

Amy: I want everyone to know I have a pug.