Broadening the Education of Languages


Tommy McCullough, Staff Writer

Numerous high schools offer foreign language classes, but many of those schools only offer one language as a foreign language. Choosing a language that you might be interested in will boost your determination in learning that language which will allow you to learn it faster. Cindy Newsome, a Spanish teacher at Hughson High, said, “I truly believe that learning another language is not only beneficial but it opens doors to new experiences. You learn about other people and places in a language class. You are also more prepared to study abroad while in college. Some of my former students have studied abroad in Spain, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Thailand while attending CSU Stanislaus!”

Learning another language also increases your job/career opportunities and increases the chance that you will be hired. Mrs. Crawford, a worker at Hughson High commented, “Schools always benefit when students are interested in learning. It would be great to offer more choices in the foreign language department for students who want to learn a language other than Spanish.”

Learning a foreign language can also develop new areas in your brain and improve some basic skills and abilities, since studies have shown that bilinguals have a better attention span, and better concentration. 

Having more options for a foreign language is not only beneficial for the students, but can be beneficial for the school as well, since it would make the school more appealing to different students and make the school look like a better school overall. Offering different language classes would open the cultural window to more students. Jeff Boggs, a student at Hughson High, states, “I believe that only offering Spanish is a missed opportunity. Many people here have relatives who speak other languages, or just a passion for a different culture than those represented by the Spanish language.” 

So while being able to take a foreign language in general is definitely beneficial and should be mandatory as a class, having more options for learning a foreign language would also be beneficial not only for the students but for everyone else involved.