Tips For Being Safe on Halloween


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

Everyone loves Halloween one way or another. The costumes, candy, parties, general feeling of the holiday, or otherwise, we all enjoy Halloween. What we don’t enjoy however, is the risks that come with asking strangers for candy, and wandering around. So, today, I will share a few tips of mine towards having a safer, yet still fun Halloween. One of the easiest things you can do for safety, if you are going to celebrate, is to ensure your costume doesn’t have too many dark elements. Your costume sometimes ends up being VERY darkly colored, such as skin suits, dark cloaks, along with most colors of outfits that blend into the night. Another tip is to avoid strangers and odd places alone. These are key ways to have something bad happen. A good idea is to always inspect your candy before you eat it. Sometimes, it could be riddled with bugs, or even other nasty surprises. When walking, be sure to watch for cars, especially with dark clothes on. On top of this, remain kind to other people out and about on Halloween, and have fun!