Hughson vs Hilmar Game Wrapup


Martin Ochoa, Staff Writer

Last Friday the Hilmar Yellowjackets were at the Hughson Huskies. The Huskies suffered a loss, 49-26. 

Huskies passed for 127 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a quarterback rating of 127.1. Huskies ran the rock for 30 carries, 141 yards and a touchdown. On defense they had 41 combined tackles.

The next game takes place on the 28th of October at home vs Ripon. In this next segment I’m going to talk to a couple of players about why they lost and what they are going to do against Ripon next week.

Jose Zapien, a Junior for Hughson Huskies says,” I feel like we underestimated them and were not prepared enough for them than other previous weeks“. He continued by stating,” We’re going to work more on tackling and fixing our mistakes and make sure we are prepared and know what we’re getting into”

Jesus Artea, another junior for the Huskies says, “I think we didn’t perform as well last week because we came out flat and didn’t communicate as much as we did before”. He continued with,”Another reason is that once we were down by 2 touchdowns a lot of my teammates were arguing at each other and weren’t helping each other.

To prepare for next week Jesus Artea stated,”What we are going to do to fix what happened last week is to get better and stay together as a family and fight back even when we are down and keep our heads up”. He continued by saying,” We are also going to be disciplined and the captains of the team are going to step up and are going to make sure our team doesn’t fall apart.

Last but not least this is what Coach Brown had to say.” I think the slow and sloppier start against a really good team was not the way to start even if there’s not a lot of mistakes”. He continued by saying,”We were prepared. I would just say the slower start and how powerful they were offensively and defensively messed the game up for us”.

To prepare for next week Coach Brown said,”I think what we need to do is go back to the fundamentals on offense that’s establishing the run game, which then sets up the play-action pass, not allow any turnovers ,and let that be our foundation offensively”. He continued by saying,” On defense we need to swarm to the ball, try and get turnovers, and stress the defensive fundamentals”.