The Different Uses of Drones


Jesus Ayon Garcia and Miguel Castillo

Abraham Kareem invented the drone in Baghdad Iraq in 1951. When he was 14 years old he started building models of aircraft. Kareem is also the founding father of the UAV. A drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously using software-controlled flight plans in its embedded systems. Most people get drones with a camera on it so they can use the drones and see where the drones are going and so it won’t get stuck anywhere. There are some people that use drones for YouTube videos, they use the drones to get a better angle of something or they use it to just film someone. 

Oscar Barron, a Freshman at Hughson High School said “I had a drone and it cost about $200 but now I need barriers for it.” Barron also stated that “ I would use my drone to do tricks and fly around over buildings to see what’s up there.” Barron said “I think it’s worth buying a drone because it’s fun, you can see what the drone is at and then you have to charge it then you’re ready to use it again.” Barron continued by saying that “drones are really useful and important because they can find missing people and if you need to scout out the area you could use the drone.”

Police may use drones to rescue people that are stuck.Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are controlled by a power source such as fuel, or batteries. Drones are important because they help with gathering data via, drones are more efficient and safer for both animals and the researchers. The two important cons that a drone can be bad for is the environment. The lithium polymer batteries and the metals which are used in the construction of drones need to be recycled. Secondly, the plastics that are used in drone technology for the air frame and other components also need to be able to be recycled. 

Drones are used to monitor climate change, to carry out search operations after natural emergencies, films, photography, and delivering foods or items. In military operations, drones are known as UAVs which reveal enemy locations and enemies around the area to create strategic plans or tactics. As well as, targeting attacks such as buildings, tanks, or man made weapons. Drones are helpful for farming, to notify if there are hazardous conditions. UAV means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is not controlled by humans unlike drones which use controllers UAVs are a type of drone that are being navigated, with no man pilot.