Huskies Attend Career Inspiration Center Field Trip


Gisselle Rodriguez and Natalie Velasco

Are you stuck with options and can’t decide when it comes to your future career? Well these Career Inspiration Center field trips are for you! There were a multitude of options to choose from when signing up for this field trip, but this is particularly about health. 

During this trip students were separated into groups depending on what they signed up for. For the health section, each student got informational pamphlets and papers that gave additional information if they wanted it. A notebook, pen, and pencil were also provided in case students wanted to take notes. There were a total of two sessions. Students were first greeted and informed about what was to come. Throughout both sessions a respiratory therapist explained his job, the requirements to be a respiratory therapist, and how much it pays. Students were led into different rooms and were allowed to see how classes were able to practice. They were able to be involved in hands-on activities and ask questions whenever.

A student, by the name of Jaeda Rodriguez was one of the participants that was involved in this trip. One of her career-based interests is veterinarian tech. “It got me more interested in the appeal of a veterinary based career.” 

This field trip is meant to give students an opportunity to have various options for the types of careers in health. Jaeda Rodriguez also added, “I would rate it a 8 out of 10, it was really fun.” Students overall had a good time and they were delighted  to be there at the field trip.

The Career inspiration field trips are meant to inspire students and give a little guidance towards what careers they might want to pursue in the near future. It is meant to provide students with a great amount of opportunities to experience activities that are hands-on and are related to their interested career.