The Cleanliness and The Seagullnado

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Seagulls. Winged Rats of the seas. These birds are notorious for being feisty trash hunters, appearing where food does, sometimes even being aggressive to get it. Their preferred way to get food, however, is Trash. And boy oh boy, do we ever make trash at a large school like this. A common sight amidst the campus is a pile of trash or two around the campus. While a small one isn’t a big harm and more an inconvenience, the massive onslaught of garbage becomes an inconvenience to not just the janitor, but even to people trying to find a place to sit, and on top of this, a forewarning to a disaster that impedes when Trash lies for too long uncleaned. I first observed this at Emilie J. Ross Middle School, but seagulls tend to gather the more trash piles up. This eventually forms a messy disaster I call “The Seagullnado”, where there ends up being circling seagulls that poop all over everything and cause a general mess out of everything they fly over. While this could just be a migratory pattern, it’s high and likely that they circle the campus for easy access to their meals of trash. This will start out with maybe a few seagulls, but in the end, might end up with an entire swirling tornado of white poop monsters leaving a mess all over campus. So, please, keep the campus cleaned. Pick up your trash when you are done. In the end, if you don’t listen, don’t blame anyone when your bag and or other belongings end up with a white stain on them.