Thanksgiving Break is Here


Johnny Martinez, Staff Reporter

With the Thanksgiving weekend coming right around the corner, HHS students and staff are very excited to have the week to themselves and their family. Everyone is mixed up in finding things to do, places to go, and people to hang out with during their time off from work and school. Thanksgiving is another one of the holidays that we deeply love and cherish, and our Huskies are here to talk all about how they spend the time off.

English teacher Jillian Jimenez states, “My husband and I usually try to get away outdoors somewhere. We enjoy snowboarding and snowshoeing and will try to do a try if there is good snow!” Since it’s getting colder outside and starting to snow in a lot of areas, going out to have fun in the snow is a very widespread choice during thanksgiving and winter time! Of course, different people have different plans. Band teacher Katye Maki replied, “I like to celebrate ‘Friendsgiving’ with the people in my life that I have chosen as my family (not necessarily related to) in addition to ‘Thanksgiving’ with extended family. Usually, a lot of food is involved with great conversation, and maybe we end up in a jam session.” Freshman student Samantha Frederick concluded, “I mainly plan to relax. School has been pretty exhausting so it will be nice to catch my breath.”

When taking time off, people tend to think a lot about what to do during all the spare time they’re given. Jimenez said, “Spend time with your loved ones and relax. Life gets busy, it’s a great time to slow down.” The best way to relax is to hang around your loved ones more often and spend your days with the people you trust and care for most! Whether it’s one person, a whole group, or even a whole family reunion, you can find ways to not only make yourself happy, but your companions too! Some people, on the other hand, may not have any idea what to do during the long week. Maki remarked, “I recommend taking time and rest for yourself. Engage in self-care and connect with friends and family.” Samantha mentioned, “I think this weekend is a great time to explore new hobbies. Try something new for the week and see if it sticks.”

Thanksgiving week is a very important time, whether some may believe it or not. Maki responded, “I feel like taking time out of our regular day-to-day schedule to reflect on what we are thankful for is a great practice. Being mindful about our gratitude can do great things for our wellbeing.” The week ahead is an excitement for all our Huskies, so stay safe during this Thanksgiving break and have a great time with your friends, family, pets, or yourself!