Preparing For The Cold Weather


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

Being that we are in the Winter season, it’s a good idea to prepare for the weather that usually follows in the season, but the winter is also home to some of the most unpredictable weather. Preparing for the day isn’t easy due to this, so here’s a few tricks I usually use to let myself be ready for just about any day. First, I usually check how the sky is outside. If there’s a few clouds or none, I usually just grab a sweater for the cold. Usually, if there aren’t any clouds in the distance or just the high clouds, that is a good sign that nothing is coming in. If you do see a couple clusters of clouds that cover the sky in the distance, or even outright raining, I usually bring a coat for the rain. There is also the possibility of cold and rain, where you can combine your sweater under your raincoat to make a warm combination for dryness, including ponchos and basic long sleeves. This story was rather short, but I hope these tips help you be prepared for winter, Weather or Not it rains or snows.