History of Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort


Adisyn Powers, Staff Writer

Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort has just celebrated their 73rd year anniversary of opening. The opening day varies each year because of the amount of snow they get and when they get it. This year was the earliest Dodge was able to open in 20 years.

Dodge Ridge first opened in 1950, by Earl Prudy, who had a dream to provide a better life for his family. The dream began with a sketch that was on the inside of a matchbox and has grown into so much more. The Prudy family owned the ski resort for 26 years (1950 – 1976) then sold the property  to the Helms,  which had owned the resort until the beginning of this year then sold to Invision Capital and Karl Kapusciniski. The latest owners continue each season with the outlook of “persevering the guest-focused environment” and to “carry on the Helms dedication to continual growth and innovation”.

Dodge Ridge has made many big expansions over the years, including the lifts, lodges and more. Lift 7 was built in 1985 and lift 8 was in 1998, lift 8 was a very big deal because the lift   leads to the backside of the mountain.  Creating  these lifts has tripled the ski area and expanded the population of people who come each season because of the bigger variety of different runs. Some other major improvements were the Lodges at the base and the Doppelmayr T-Bar T643. The many different lodges that were expanded at the base include The Family Lodge, Children’s Snow Play Center, Guest Services Center and the North Fork Bistro. All of these expansions have cost 6 million dollars and have provided so much for the ski resort. As of now dodge ridge is still working to expand more as they go on through the years.

This season The Resort was excited to announce the new Triple Chairlift, that is replacing their old lifts one and two. As of today The Resort has 11 lifts with 862 ski-able acres. 

As of the beginning of this season Dodge got up to 4 feet of snow in only 3 days. The snow kept up for about a week or two, then slowed down to about nothing. Dodge has had a week of no snow but is expecting a light snowfall this coming up Thursday December first.