Finals Battle


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

We are nearly at the final week of this half of the school year. Unfortunately, the end means that there will be the ultimate test week, Finals Week. This week is usually consistent with 2 hour classes, 3 per day, with just a snack and lunch break. This means you will likely be left without much during the down time… unless you prepare before! So today we ask the question, what are good things to bring for Finals Week? First off, food and snacks are a great support for your day. Something to eat for lunch and for a snack are great ways to keep spirits high throughout these tough days. A single Cheez-It or snack can make quite a difference, trust me. Next is supplies. Depending on the finals you are taking, and when, can necessitate what you should or shouldn’t take. For example, taking colored pencils may not be good for a math class, but for an Art class Final, that would be good. The last part of the problem with surviving is, of course, After-Final entertainment. Preferably, you should bring something that isn’t distracting and won’t bother others. A few items that would fit this bill include your Phone(On Mute Of Course), Handheld gaming consoles(Nintendo 3DS/Switch/ECT, be sure they’re quiet), or even something non technical like drawing utensils or board games (Participants Permitting of course). Now, if you want a good example of something that isn’t a good idea, it’s bringing an entire console setup to school. I am not kidding about this, people last year dragged entire TVs and Consoles to their classes. Not only was that a risk to their property if left unchecked and a risk of damage, but if you disobey the teacher’s instructions and turn it on while tests go on, you will end up being a distraction. Not to even mention the hassle of bringing it around and plugging it in. Stick with what fits in your backpack safely, and don’t push your luck.