Winter Concert


Hughson’s very own Choir, Sound investment, Drama, and Band members put on a winter concert to remember. A number of shows were hosted such as “Christmas time is coming” , “Sleepin’ on the floor this Christmas” “Will the real Santa Claus stand up” , “Slippers again for Christmas” and “Something to believe in”. Our drama department decorated and went into full blown Christmas mode to provide a great show. Mr.Thompson our Drama, Choir, Sound Investment, and Band director stated, “We heard nothing but good feedback and the little ones loved the show,were just so grateful we have the opportunity to share this with everyone.”


Sound investment opened their first performance with “We wish you a merry Christmas” arranged by Emily Crocker. Beginning Women’s choir followed with “Let it Snow” and “Wind On a hill”. Sound investment followed with a short 20-minute performance to show the highlights of the joy and craziness of the season. Both sound investment and Band performed this show for almost 900 elementary and high school students. Shortly after led “Child of God” and “You raise me Up.” 


Christmas Bells Are Ringing! A separate 40-minute performance full of singing and dancing and acting by our very own Band and Choir. Monday December 5th sound investment and band performed for Hughson elementary 1-3rd grade and other schools from 9-10 am. As well as Tuesday December 6th, for Hughson elementary TK,Fox Road, and Hickman from 9-10 am.The Sound investment and Choir also put on a show for our local Samaritan Village Assisted living members. Joseph Anderson stated, “It was a successful and great show.” Dylan Halloway followed that statement with, “It was a great way to express the joy and happiness of our performance.”


There are so many great shows and performances to come such as one of our favorites “The Wizard Of Oz”. With these amazing performances the  amazing people who put it all together,the real magic makers. Those being Women’s Choir President Isabella Valverde and VP Aubrey Lockwood. The Women’s Sound Investment President Rowan Luis, VP Cailin Kelley, Treasurer Sophia Kelley, Secretary Kylee Bingamon and Choreographer Sarah Ricks. As well as Sound investments President Dylan Holloway, VP Chris Brown, Secretary Joseph Anderson, Treasurer Levi Walker and Jeff Boggs and Uniforms Cody Thompson. All these people make these concerts possible for anyone and everyone.