Teacher of the Month- Mr. Kroll


Tommy McCullough, Staff Writer

The brand new teacher of the month for January is Mr. Kroll, who teaches AP US History, 11th grade US History, and 10th grade World History. Mr. Kroll has spent three years teaching at HHS helping students to learn about the past and background behind the US and the World. 

Mr. Kroll graduated from Ripon HIgh School, from there he attended Modesto Junior College and later transferred to Stanislaus State in which he majored in History. Mr. Kroll was always interested in History but the thing that made him decide to want to teach was his professors and teachers. “While attending MJC I had a very dynamic and interesting history professor that inspired me to go into teaching,” says Mr. Kroll. 

Finding out he was nominated for Teacher of the Month, Mr. Kroll said, “I am very humbled by the recognition and I appreciate the opportunity to represent this wonderful staff for a month.”

Mr. Kroll believes, “Everyday is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself than the day before.”