Students Come Back to School After Winter Break

Coming back to school after a two week long vacation including Christmas and New Years can be tough, or exciting depending on how you look at it, so we would like to reminisce over what happened during winter break. We asked five students about their experience and how they felt during that time.

Regarding what students got for Christmas, Robert Lively said, “I got a Macbook and an Iphone.” Natalie Espindola and Angel Trujillo both responded, “I got money for Christmas.”

From one family to another, traditions and foods can be very different. For Christmas, Lively said that he ate, “potatoes, grapes and watermelon.” Espindola and Mario Ochoa both said, “I ate pozole” 

People all enjoy different things about Christams, from the songs to the presents. Lively, Ochoa and Bailey Bilson said they enjoyed “seeing my family members.” Espindola said, “The food was the best part.” 

Not soon after Christmas is New Years, where people can see each other once again. Lively, Ochoa, Bilson, Espindola, and Trujillo said that their new years, “was pretty good.” 

One thing thaat Espindola, Trujillo, Ochoa, Bilson, and Lively can agree on is that they all enjoyed their Christmas break. They enjoyed being with their families, and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.