Spooky Cyclone of 2023


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

So imagine this. It’s 3 in the morning and you are fast asleep. Then all of a sudden you are woken up to your mother barging into your room saying “Get out of bed, there’s a tornado warning and everyone is in danger”. Everyone bunkers downstairs as outside, the hardest rain known to anyone in this town could have ever known, lightning turning the sky outside into a constant flash out the window, cat freaking out, and you just swaddled in a blanket you dragged downstairs. Nothing happens thankfully, but at least you are safe, save for your sleep schedule.

If you do not know what I am speaking of, on Tuesday Night of last week, a thunderstorm passed overhead of Hughson and Stanislaus county as a whole due to the now hopefully-passed cyclone that rained down a lot of water on the state. This entire week or two was filled with high winds, rain galore, and a mixture of moisture and destruction. In my neighborhood, a tree even blew over one day. It caused nonstop rain and wind, a constant gray sky, and a whole lot of clouds. For us in Hughson, the thunderstorm was the worst of it, but across California, there has been flooding and even a hurricane on the coast. 


To be true? Yea this was one horrifically scary storm, one of the scariest I have known. Non Stop rain, wind that throws trees out of the ground, and the threat of a tornado, even if it was just for a day, pits this at the top of “Worst weather occurrences I have ever seen”. Just the sheer magnitude of everything that has been going on just makes this less of a storm and more of a nightmare for many, and an overall mess for the rest. At least it is over, but it was still one very enticing time