Varsity Soccer: Lady Huskies Defeat Escalon

Presley Wells and Sophia Sanchez

First, in the Girl Varsity Soccer league game Hughson took the win. Hughson vs Escalon. Here’s how their game went.

In the first half Hughson started with the ball making a pass back to Ashtin Brazil. We were off to a really good start making passes and getting around the other players. Logan Meyers made our first goal of the night. Hughson was aggressive this game. They were first to the ball and were on their feet. Escalon scored a goal. Logan Meyers had scored another goal making Escalon up on their toes debating what their defense should do. Second Half Escalon starts off with the ball and they make a pass to one of their forwards. Hughson’s defense stops the ball and makes a pass up to Kylie Bosh who then makes a pass to Logan Meyers and GOAL!! Escalon gets the ball again and kicks it up the field hoping to get a pass but defense stops the ball passing it up the sideline to make a pass to the forwards Logan and Kylie taking shots on goal hoping to make it but does. Hughson ended up taking the win for their first league game. 

Natalie Wohler stated “ I think we did good we held them on their side and we took a lot of shots and made them.”