Hughson Vs. Escalon Boy Wrestling


Presley Wells and Sophia Sanchez

Dual meet with Hughson & Escalon Boys. Hughson was on a bumpy pass with a couple wins and a lot of losses. It was Hughson’s Senior Night, not the best way to celebrate Senior Night with the losses. Escalon was on a good path with pins, points, and wins. Hughson Varsity was not on a good start, they had a lot of losses but some good matches, only losing by points but some by being pinned. On the other hand Drew Perez, had a good match pinning his opponent taking the win for hughson. Drew Perez, a junior at Hughson has been doing good so far this year, only having a couple of losses. Jesse Rodriguez had a good match being head to head with his opponent he kept up with him, when his opponent would get a point he would get one right after. They were head to head until the Escalon coach had a talk with the ref and then Escalon had won that match. Escalon had a better day and came out ready to take that win. Hughson may have lost but they didn’t give up.