Sporting Events of January

Martin Ochoa, Staff Writer

New Year, new sporting events. These are all the sporting events of January starting with Soccer. On 1/10 at home, they took a loss 2-0 to Riverbank, On 1/17 they beat Escalon away 5-3. They beat Ripon 6-1 on 1/24, and last but not least they lost 2-0 to Riverbank again on 1/26.
Next sport is Basketball. The first game was on 1/4 and the Huskies lost 57-52. Next game was on 1/6 and the Huskies lost 70-58, The game after was on 1/11 and the Huskies lost 61-59. The next game was on 1/13 and the Huskies lost again 68-43. 1/17 the Huskies lost 54-43, they lost again on 1/20, 60-37, they won on 1/25 64-51, and won again on 1/27 62-40.