HHS Football Teams Gives Banner to Basketball Coach


Sophia Sanchez and Presley Wells

The basketball game was out of the court today! We beat Livingston 51-31. We had lots of great passes and 3-pointers. We had a good student section rooting for our Husky boys. The boys knew they had it in the bag. The school held a ceremony for Basketball to release the banner for the championships. We let the old 1997 coach keep the old banner as a present to show off the new banner and give respects to the boys who made it so far to win. The stadium was filled with people just to see the banner and cheer on the huskies for this game, not only the Basketball players. It took hard work for the Huskies to make it so far and show what Hughson can do; we just wanna give thanks for the families who came out to see the banner and supporting the Basketball team who made it so far.