Lady Huskies Defeat Livingston and Escalon in Soccer


Sophia Sanchez and Presley Wells

Thursday February 4th, husky girls soccer played against Livingston. JV with a win of 4-2, we lost a couple of girls to move up to varsity and we showed that we can win no matter how small we are. We made 4 perfect goals in the first half but stiffed a bit to make more in the second half. We were 4-0 for a long time until we gave away a PK to the other team. Making them have 1 point. We stayed strong to keep them down and not score anymore until they got another goal. But that didn’t stop us from winning. All of the goals put up a fight. With the help of Sophia Sanchez to get the ball to Gabriel Torres to make a goal and Sophia Kelly running as fast as she can to score the next two points.

With Varsity’s game plowing through that field they won 8-0. Varsity was in their game today they made amazing passes,through balls and shots. Defense had made an amazing comeback with how they played against Escalon. The defense opened up to make passes to get up to their forwards helping them get a shot in the goal. They had made excellent throw-ins and they were ready to come out and take this win. They took shots left and right, scoring here and there. Kylie Bosh and Logan Meyer were in their game helping each other score they had an amazing game.Their energy was there in this game they had ups and downs but in the end they got through them together as a team.