Girl’s Soccer Game Against Hilmar


Presley Wells and Sophia Sanchez

February 7th, Hughson Huskies girls soccer went up against Hilmar. JV played first then Varsity. JV had a great start to the game until Hilmar made a goal. Leaving them 1-0. As soon as we restarted we were back on our feet. Gabby Torres passed the ball to Ally and Ally passed the ball to Sophia Sanchez. Sanchez made her way up to the goal to make a perfect pass for Ally to take, crossing it over to her and making it in. Now they are tied 1-1. Both teams were playing great and aggressive. Defense held the line and offense ran the ball. Hughson gets a corner kick and Gabby takes it. She kicks the ball near the net and it bounces off of Hilmar giving Claire Ventrini a clear pass to make it into the goal. It’s 2-1 and Hughson takes the lead for the first half. Time is flying by and everyone is trying their hardest to keep the score how it is, but then Claire touches the ball with her hands so close to the net giving them a chance to score from where they were. Number 6 on Hilmar has a killer foot so there was no problem having her make it in. Now it’s 2-2 and everyone is feeling a little sad that it’s a tie but the girls are still trying. Time is up and Hughson and Hilmar are at a tie. No win but no loss.

During the Varsity game Hughson started off strong with their passes and their defense. Hughson knew they needed to win this game to make it to the playoffs and so did Hilmar. Hughson had amazing energy throughout the game. They showed up to play. They were doing amazing on their defense watching the player and staying in front while Hilmar does their ”cool moves.” The goalie, Maddie Jenks, was on her game, she blocked the goal left and right. Helping defense, taking the ball and making a pass up. Hughson and Hilmar were fighting to make it to the playoffs . You could tell they both wanted it bad. Hughson played aggressively, showing it to the players and getting in their head. Hilmar was getting frustrated at this point, but Hilmar scored a point off a Pk. However, that did not stop Hughson trying to win. Hughson had the ball and they made a kick up the field helping Kylie Bosh and Logan Meyer to score a goal. Kylie makes a through ball to Logan and GOAL! Hughson and Hilmar are tied right now. Bad calls made by the refs but that doesn’t affect the girls. Hughson’s Crowd were on their feet cheering them on especially the sideline they were on their feet cheering and screaming their hearts out. Hughson’s biggest fans are Olivia Garza, Eden Miller, and Natalie Wohler. The game was coming to an end. Hughson and Hilmar hurry to get a point but the time ends and it ends with a tie. Logan Meyer said “ Everyone showed up to play and I could definitely feel the energy coming from everyone!”