Students Attend the 2023 Tulare World Ag Expo


Adisyn Powers, Staff Writer

The Tulare World Ag Expo is the largest outdoor agricultural exposition with over 1,200 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors each year. The expositions are hosted by The International Agri-Center and held at their building in Tulare California. Each year the expo takes place on the second Tuesday of February, and lasts three days. At this event attendees are able to experience a wide range of different Ag related seminars and have conversations with the exhibitors who work in Ag everyday. Being at this show helps us to be able to see what our future in agriculture will look like. 

Hughson FFA has been attending this Ag Expo for blank years now. And has had amazing opportunities and experiences. Being able to learn from the many different seminars and having those one on one conversations with people in the Ag industry has allowed our students to expand their knowledge. While also gaining the social skills to explore on your own and introduce yourself to these new people. 

Our students will be attending the coming up Ag Expo this 2023 season and are looking forward to having the opportunities and experiences to learn and have fun with friends while attending.