Flag Day: Canada


Natalie Velasco and Gisselle Rodriguez

Have you ever wondered what flag day is, specifically in Canada? For this day, the holiday lands on February 15th in Canada. The holiday was not officially instituted as a holiday until 1996.  

National Flag of Canada Day is commonly shortened to Flag Day and it commemorates the official birth of the Canadian flag that was installed on February 15th, 1965. The flag is red and white with a single maple leaf in the middle. It symbolizes pride and strength throughout Canadian history. The flag demonstrates the common values of the citizens of Canada which are diversity, equality, and inclusion. The ways that Canadians celebrate flag day would be to raise Canada’s flag and sing the National Anthem, gather friends and family together, and wear the flag’s colors which are red and white. On February 15, 1965, the National Flag of Canada was put up for the very first time on Parliament Hill. 

Overall, the holiday of National Flag of Canada day is celebrated by many Canadians in Canada. They celebrate to commemorate their maple flag and their national pride for their country. This holiday can be celebrated with friends and family to celebrate their nationality and their love for their country.