A Wave of Sickness Comes Through HHS

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

If it wasn’t clear already, there was a sweeping sickness that had overtaken the entire campus of school across most of the last two weeks. This sickness was far from small, as many got sick from this cold, home-bounding a lot of people. A simple cold with quite a big outcome, as a lot of students got sick. At least to me, the sickness had a few phases.

It started out as a simple fog in thoughts. Thinking became tricky as I was losing the mental capacity to do that as the sickness progressed. However, as sickness tends to do, it got worse. The most noticeable phase of the sickness was the sore throat. It was horrible, tasted like blood and pain, and generally made a nuisance of itself. And then, the next day, the full force of the sickness hit. Lethargy, head fog, and eventual dizziness led me to stay home. Over the first weekend, my head felt quite unwell, and the sore throat faded to a cough. Over time, it got worse, but then I eventually recovered after one week.

However, good things come in twos. This thing believed it was also deserving of a SECOND wave. A week after the first sickness hit the school, an ENTIRE second wave of sickness roared over campus like a storm. Starting as a minor headache, it eventually evolved into a full blown fever and dizziness, along with the lingering cough only getting worse. I was out of school for basically that whole week because of it, not including the days of the weekend I was forced to suffer in. Quite a horrible week.

Now, was that it? For now, yes. It wasn’t COVID, luckily. It was something that is recoverable. Yet all of that doesn’t really answer the question of WHAT it was. There is one thing for certain though. Thank god it’s over.