NFL and Super Bowl 57 Wrap Up

Martin Ochoa, Staff Writer

The end of this year’s Super Bowl marked the conclusion of the NFL 2022-2023 season. We’re going to go through the Super Bowl MVP and stat lines of star performers, The award winners, stat leaders, and last but not least, the division winners. 

Beginning with the end, Super Bowl 57 is easily one of the greatest championship games in NFL history with it almost breaking the record for most points combined (73). The teams in the Super Bowl were the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, The score was 35-35, 11 seconds left, Harrison Butker of the Chiefs was lining up to kick. He takes 3 steps back and 2 to the left and drills it through and wins the game for the Chiefs.

Moving onto the award winners, the MVP was Patrick Mahomes leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns with 21-27 182 yards and 3 touchdowns. However, In my humble opinion Jalen Hurts should’ve won it. He went 27/38 for 304 yards and a touchdown, He also ran it 15 times for 70 yards and 3 scores. Moving on, offensive player of the year was Justin Jefferson (Vikings), Defensive player of the year was Nick Bosa (49ers). Coach of the year was Brian Daboll as he led a team that most people thought was not good, to not only the playoffs but the division round. The offensive and defensive rookies of the year were on the same team, the Jets. Sauce Gardner won the defensive rookie of the year and Garret Wilson won offensive.

The division winners in the NFC were Eagles, 49ers, Vikings, and the Buccaneers. Last but not least the winners in the AFC were Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, and Jaguars. This season was crazy and I hope everyone has a good spring/summer.