Husky in the Hot Seat: Mr. Bullock


Jesus Ayon Garcia, Staff Writer

Jesus: How long have you been teaching? 

Bullock: I have been teaching for about 26 years now.

Jesus: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

Bullock: The kids

Jesus: What led you to become a teacher?

Bullock: I wanted to make the world a better place, and teach kids how to have a better world.

Jesus: did anything inspire you to become a teacher?

Bullock: I had a history teacher in high school who would give the best speeches

Jesus: What subject do you teach?

Bullock: I teach State requirements and Geography.

Jesus: What do you like about Hughson high school?

Bullock: I like the community here in Hughson, and that seniors help the freshmen.

Jesus: What do you do in your free time?

Bullock: I race and like to work on my car.

Jesus: What’s a quote you live by?

Bullock: Be part of the solution not the problem.

Jesus: what’s a piece of advice you would give to kids?

Bullock: Enjoy your lives, you only live once, and life goes by really fast.