Pondering Thoughts With Martin Ochoa


Martin Ochoa, Staff Writer

This morning, if you were on campus, you probably heard the announcement about the school stopping people from rolling dice on the ground. Rolling dice on the ground is a form of gambling and gambling is the topic of this article.
Gambling first originated in ancient China based on the Chinese book “Book Of Songs,” which refers to a wood drawing, suggesting that the tiles may have become a component of a lottery game. History has also had records of the Chinese using items as funds for financing government projects in 200 B.C. The items were called Keno Slips. Numerous researchers have also concurred that the very first game of cards appeared in China in the 19th century.
Dices, claimed by the Greek poet Sophocles, was created by a mythical hero during the historic siege of Troy. Sophocles’ writings first mentioned dice and how people started gambling around 500 B.C. in Greek history. However, researchers found out that there are pieces of evidence that a pair of dice are in an Egyptian tomb from 3000 B.C.
Nowadays, dice can be found everywhere, in some casinos, the street, even jail and prison. Thank you for reading this week’s Pondering Thoughts.