What Motivates HHS Athletes?

Jalei Nhothsiri, Staff Writer

As many of us know, Hughson High is full of athletes. In Hughson High, we love and take pride in our sports. But how do they do it? Where do they find the motivation? What do they enjoy so much about sports? Why do they do it? Luckily, I’m here to ask and find out so you don’t have to! 

Ashlynn Crismon, a freshman Hughson High tennis player, said “I do it because I get to exercise.” Crismon explained, “I didn’t want to not play a sport or change my schedule so I decided to play tennis.” “I don’t not like it, it’s just that I think there are better sports than tennis and I’m not that good.” Crimson added, “It’s kinda fun depending on what we are doing but it’s not tiring at all.” Crimson mentioned that this was only her first year but plans to play volleyball and soccer next year. Crimson suggested as a piece of advice to athletes was to keep their grades up.

As you can see, for some athletes there isn’t any serious motivation or reasoning behind playing. Sometimes it is just as small as because it’s something that fills up sometime in their day or to stay fit! But let’s hear from someone who has enjoyed their sport and has been playing for awhile!

Bailey Peters, a Hughson High freshman athlete, stated, “Yes I love to play, I’m always trying to do new things and get out of my comfort zone. Playing sports has definitely helped me with that and I’m always making new friends.” Peters mentioned that she played volleyball for two years, basketball for two years, and that it is currently her third year of track. “Sports are definitely very fun, stressful, and tiring. All practices and games or meets are definitely a growing experience!”  “I encourage everyone to try out for any sport, you never know what you’re good at unless you try!” Peters suggested. 

Peters continued, “My family, friends, and I definitely motivate myself to play the most!” “My advice to others who play these sports would be to always keep pushing yourself to the best you can be!” “To those who don’t play sports my advice is to just try it out. I never knew I was going to love basketball until I went and tried out knowing nothing about it, and now basketball is my favorite!” Peters concluded with, “I will continue to play these sports throughout the rest of my high school years,” “Playing sports is very beneficial to me, I’m striving to get the 12 sport award when I graduate, and I have made so many friends and good memories!”

So it appears that another motivation for athletes is their family, friends, and their own personal love or passion for the sport! Let’s hear from another passionate player who has been playing since a child! How do they keep pushing?

Jillian Baptista, a Hughson High freshman athlete, said,” I’m in 9th grade and I play 3 sport’s volleyball, basketball, and softball,” “I have played volleyball for 3 years, basketball for 1 year, and softball for 7 years.” Baptista explained, “I started playing all the sports because my cousins all played and I enjoyed watching them while I was little and then I started playing and really enjoyed them all.” Baptista expressed, “ It’s very fun to get to spend hours with your friends everyday and playing a game you love. A lot of things motivate me to play but my parents do the most. They tell me to keep up the effort and never let me give up even when I’m tired and want to quit. Without them I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today.” 

Baptista continued, “ I do try to encourage others to play because I have learned so many life lessons while playing and one of them is teamwork.” Bapista noted, “If they have never tried a sport out, how do they know if they will enjoy it or be good at it? I try to encourage them so they can be included in more and make new friends.”

Baptista wanted to share some encouraging words that help her stay motivated, “The best piece of advice I can give other athletes is to never stop believing because once you do you are already lost. If you believe in yourself you can do anything but once you stop you have already lost that game, you have already given up on yourself and the team.” “I do find it very beneficial that you learn about hard work, leadership, and teamwork. I will be a better person with these skills and will work hard for everything,” Baptista concluded. 

Lastly, let’s hear from one more athlete who plays different sports! How do they stay motivated? What else can motivate an athlete rather than just friends and family? 

“I play cheer, track, soccer, dance, and basketball,” Scarlett Villarreal, a sophomore athlete at Hughson High, stated. Villarreal noted she has all been playing these sports since young during her childhood besides basketball, she has just recently joined this year. “I really like cheer and dance, they help me take my stress away and track is just a really great sport.” 

Villarreal said, “It definitely is mentally stressful on you,” “I find the urge to always be better and better and then comparing yourself to other people.” Villarreal carried on, “I do encourage people to play, because it does help a lot overall and just helps make new friends and helps you keep your grades up.”  Lastly, Villarreal explained what helps motives her, “Probably myself and my inner voice telling me ‘oh you need to be better, you can push yourself, you can do this.’” “And it makes me really happy when I can.”