The First Grading Period of the Semester is Finished

Lesly Avila-Rodriguez, Staff Writer

HHS closes out the week with the 9 week grading period. Students and teachers have a lot on their plate as students turn in their last bit of assignments for any available points, and teachers submit final grades. Some have expressed feeling a little anxiety and stress as they are waiting for the week to be over.

“My grades are looking pretty good right now, all A’s” say both sophomores Deyka Diaz and Matthew Ruelas. Other students have had some difficulty trying to get caught up, although this is just the report card and not final grades, it is highly encouraged to submit any amount of work for any credit, as anything is better than nothing.

Junior Jennifer Ojeda says she could have improved her grades by “doing my homework and assignments and not slacking off”. She adds on to say that her goal till the final grading period is to just get good grades.