Sudden Storm Returning in California


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

Now, you might be asking “Matthew, didn’t you just cover some storm that blew over California a few months ago?”. Yes. I did. But this is something else. Over the past week or two, a LOT of rain has been falling. While there weren’t any tornado warnings this time, the rain was… outrageous. Water poured from the sky for days on end. Slight breaks leading into only more rain. But today isn’t about the clouds. It’s about the effects of clouds and things I have noticed.

The biggest one I noticed was potholes. Random holes that bore into the street from erosion. The downpour accelerated the rate of the erosion, and due to a mostly band aid job, the holes keep re-opening. Notably around Seventh by the churches and near Starn, these gaping gaps are both ugly to see and a hazard for drivers. An absolutely massive amount of these holes are around town, so I only covered a few

Obviously, there was an obnoxious amount of wind as well. This resulted in difficulties walking and possible destruction of property, such as trees breaking and trash cans falling down. There were, obviously, puddles everywhere. These puddles hid potholes, murked up mud, and generally got things overly wet and made itself a nuisance.
Unlike the last storm, which for a recap, managed to evolve into a tornado warning for a day, this one did not have such risks. Instead, it was simply a never ending parade of clouds and rain for days on end. Now, if you’re a farmer that’s great. But for most people, this made things outside annoying to do, if not impossible for activities that involved things sensitive to water.

So for the most part, the rain has been rather high and destructive for most outdoor activities. Wind has been a bane of most loose objects. And it seems to have been getting better.