Year In As a Freshman-Student Perspective

Jalei Nhothsiri, Staff Writer

Freshman year is finally coming to an end and soon enough a start for some! If you didn’t know, I’m currently a freshman myself! Today I would like to share my personal experiences of this year!

At first, my thoughts and impressions of high school took place when I went to “Welcome to the Pack.” They introduced me to new clubs, sports, classes, activities, and people! Things that seemed interesting to me were the sports. In the beginning, I never really planned to play sports since last year was my first year. So I wasn’t entirely sure, although Hughson’s pride in their sports urged me to give it a try! As I expected, it was as fun as I could imagine! I made new friends, learned new skills, received awards, and stayed active. 

Also, I wasn’t as interested in any clubs. But I’m glad I gave it a shot! For instance, I joined the Key club. In Key Club I was given many opportunities such as volunteer work which would enable me to be a better person and get my community hours in! Not just that, I received plenty of extra credit from my teacher, Keith Bullock, who runs this club. But most importantly, I was able to help and meet new people. I was exposed more into the world. 

To add, the school activities or rallies were great! In my opinion, I loved our kindness rally! We had a guest speaker who shared stories and spread kindness throughout our school. I enjoyed viewing one of our school’s plays as well! It was the wizard of Oz and I really enjoyed it with friends, I urge you to go!

I really wanted to talk about our school sports! Personally, this year I have participated in basketball and track. So far I love both. I don’t have much experience in either so I was hesitant in trying and not so interested in it. But I’m glad I gave it a shot! Joining sports has helped me grow as a person and meet new people. I learned that it’s not the best to always work alone and make friends! I suggest and encourage you all to try something new, you never know until you try.

In addition, high school isn’t high school without classes. For me, I took a few honors classes, which brings me to what I’m going to say. Push yourself and try it out! Personally, I feel that they aren’t hard at all, just a little more to your workload! But if you have the determination you can totally achieve anything and it will benefit you! Also, as you can see I’m currently in journalism! I love this class, it allows me to talk to new people, learn new things, and do what I like, write! This class has definitely put journalism in consideration for a career! 

The last thing I wanted to share about is all the dances and games! This year I attended homecoming and winter formal. I was reluctant to go but in the end I went and did not regret it at all! The dances were neatly set up with cute decorations, music, snacks, and plenty of students! I had an amazing time at both dances. To add, I enjoyed going to the home football games and supporting my team. I promise you, if you go you will have an amazing time. I encourage everyone to go out at least once! The atmosphere is filled with nothing but cheer and laughter. You get to see so many people you know while watching an amazing game.