Kids With Autism

Jaelee Calk, Staff Writer

Kids, or people in general who have autism, tend to be less immune when it comes to being bullied, rather than those who are neurotypical, and don’t struggle the same way autistic people do. Autistic people have differences that neurotypical people don’t. According to, a survey finds 63% of children with autism bullied, but why is that? Why do we find the need to separate and shame people who are not like other people, when in reality we are all different and we shouldn’t let that get in the way of the peace that we have left? claims that researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, and Johns Hopkins University conducted a survey of 1,200 parents who had children with autism and found that 63% of the kids have been bullied, and are three times more likely to be bullied rather than their neurotypical siblings. People with autism are treated unfairly, and people their age are usually unaware of what autism is, and not even having the slightest idea of autism. Many school systems still don’t support autistic people when in need, due to their traits that are not amongst other people often. This is unfair, and isn’t right. Autistic people should have the same amount of needs as people with neurotypicals, perhaps even more due to their disability. I think people should help autism become more aware and heard, not only in adults, but as well as adolescents and younger kids, otherwise more problems may happen in the future.