Lucky Charms had Two Mascots


Who is the mascot behind the popular cereal Lucky Charms? Lucky the Leprechaun is the name of the mascot and debuted on St. Patrick’s Day in 1964. Lucky was replaced temporarily with a new mascot in New England, Waldo the Wizard. Even though he was popular amongst children he was pulled from boxes in New England after less than a year. During this year both Lucky and Waldo coexisted with one another, Lucky being in America and Waldo in New England.

The Lucky Charms cereal is produced by General Mills. Cereal companies often use anthropomorphic mascots like Tony the Tiger, Trix rabbit, Toucan Sam, etc. By giving them human characteristics and a fun personality children are more likely to be drawn towards it. Mascots usually resemble characters in childhood stories that children are already familiar with and would want to see more of. This cereal was created by John Holahan. Holahan was experimenting with Cheerios cereal pieces and chopped-up Circus Peanuts; it was later updated to be sweeter with a sugar frosting in 1967. 

The only remaining original marbit, the marshmallow, is the pink heart. The first one was introduced in 1975 which was the blue diamond. Following that in 1983, the purple horseshoe was introduced. Then the red balloon was added in 1989 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lucky Charms. These marshmallows are meant to represent Lucky’s magical charms. They all have their own special meaning or power behind them. The company would add new marshmallows with different themes for celebrations or anniversaries.