HHS Band and Choir Goes to Disneyland


Johnny Martinez, Staff Writer

As our HHS Band wraps up 2023, the yearly Disneyland trip has come and gone yet again! The work of a talented student musician pays off with the heavenly 3-day trip to world-famous Disneyland, a place where magic truly happens! 

Every year, the band and the choir take a trip to Anaheim to visit the downtown area of Disneyland. With that, students are usually free to roam the parks, spend time with friends, and have lots of fun! You get to room with your friends, ride the charter bus, and have an amazing experience that only lasts once in a lifetime. 

A few of our freshmen who have never been to Disneyland before have reported that it was one of the funnest experiences they’ve ever had. Students and chaperones alike all share that the trip was amazing! All of our students, chaperones and teachers collaborate in the same to make the time spent together worthwhile and memorable. 

Our talented HHS Band students work so hard every single year to practice and perform their pieces for not only our students, but our staff and our Hughson community as well. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into our performers is nowhere near minuscule. Disneyland is a fun experience for all of our community members, and we encourage students to join our band to help bring music to the campus!