March Madness Final Results

Adisyn Powers, Staff Writer

March Madness is a tournament that is held by the NCAA for the Mens and Womens College Basketball teams, during the second week of March through the first week of April. This tournament determines the national champions of college basketball. These tournaments are run as a single elimination, which means the overall team that wins would have to win at least six games in a row to win the title. That also means if a team loses only one game then they are out of the tournament. 

This year’s March Madness tournament started with 32 qualifying teams and will end up with one final team during the game played on Monday, April 3. 

Men’s Brackets: 

First Round 

  • Texas A&M vs. Alabama Crimson Tide 
  • West Virginia vs. Maryland
  • Furman vs. Virginia 
  • Charleston vs. San Diego State
  • Utah State vs. Missouri 
  • Princeton vs. Arizona 
  • UCSB vs. Baylor 
  • NC State vs. Creighton 
  • FDU vs. Purdue 
  • FL Atlantic vs. Memphis 
  • Oral Roberts vs. Duke 
  • Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Tennessee
  • USC vs MI State 
  • Vermont vs Marquee 
  • Providence vs Kentucky 
  • Montana vs Kansas State 
  • Pittsburgh vs Iowa State 
  • Kennesaw vs Xavier 
  • Colgate vs Texas 
  • Penn State vs Texas A&M 
  • Auburn vs Iowa 
  • Northern KY vs Houston 
  • Drake vs Miami FL
  • Kent State vs Indiana 
  • Arizona vs TCU 
  • Grand Canyon vs Gonzaga 
  • Boise State vs Northwest 
  • UNC Ash vs UCLA 
  • Howard vs Kansa 
  • Illinois vs Arkansas 
  • VCU vs St Marrys 
  • Iona vs UConn 

Second Round 

  • Maryland vs Alabama 
  • Furman vs San Diego 
  • Princeton vs Missouri 
  • Creighton vs Baylor 
  • FDU vs FL Atlantic 
  • Duke vs Tennessee
  • MI State vs Marquette 
  • Kentucky vs Kansas State 
  • Pittsburgh vs Xaiver 
  • Penn State vs Texas 
  • Auburn vs Huston 
  • Miami vs Indiana 
  • TCU vs Gonzaga 
  • Northwest vs UCLA
  • Arkansas vs Kansas 
  • Northwest vs UCLA 
  • Arkansas vs Kansas 

Sweet 16 

  • San Diego vs Alabama 
  • Princeton vs Creighton
  • FL Atlantic vs Tennessee 
  • MI State vs Kansas State 
  • Xavier vs Texas 
  • Miami FL vs Huston vs 
  • Gonzaga vs UCLA 
  • Arkansas vs UConn 

Elite Flight 

  • Creighton vs San Diego 
  • FL Atlantic vs Kansas State 
  • Miami FL vs Texas 
  • UConn vs Gonzaga 

Final Four 

  • FL Atlantic vs San Diego 
  • Miami FL vs UCONN 


  • San Diego 
  • UConn 

And the Champions of the 2023 March Madness Tournament was UConn!