Movie Review: World War Z


Ysabella Vasquez, Staff Writer

World war z is a zombie action movie released June 21st 2013 directed by Marc Foster who also directed Christopher Robin. A former agent Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt) was stuck in Philadelphia traffic with his wife and their two daughters which soon turned into a horrific traffic stop. There was a deadly infection that infected people with just a single bite with their teeth. The whole world went into chaos. Uninfected people were targeting other healthy food searching for food and stuff to help them survive. 

They were rescued and put on boats because the whole country was infected with no place to hide. The government wanted to send out a scientist to get a test subject to find the cause and the cure to the infection but they needed capable people to carry out this task. They decided to recruit the former agent Gerry for this high risk mission. He was sent out even after he wished to not go but had no choice or else his family would be taken off the boat. Unfortunately one of the members accidentally harmed themselves when scared by the zombies. While out there they realized that they only attacked healthy people and not sick people like for example: people who have cancer. 

There was a series of short videos I saw on TikTok where they compare zombies from different movies and shows and say which one there is most likely to survive. The zombies in World War Z were commonly picked as an apocalypse they would not survive. They climb over each other and form a “pillar” to get over a wall. They are attracted to any sort of sound and you can only get infected with a bite. I really like this movie, especially the action and how they are always finding something new throughout the whole movie. Paramount studios had planned this to be a trilogy but canceled the production of the second movie in 2017. This movie is currently available to watch on Netflix among other movies that Netflix just started to stream. Do  you think you could survive this apocalypse?