Having Pack Time Trouble?

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

What’s the difference between PACK time and Class Time? The freedom of choice and what you do there. Every week, you can decide if you need to visit a certain class, but what happens if a usual class you visit ends up being locked? This is the case for those who had to visit Bland this week, excluding AP Art. So, me being one of the usual people, how did I deal with it?

Well first off, I usually determine if I need any classes besides Journalism. Usually I don’t, but I sometimes schedule myself for Spanish to make work up. A second trick of mine is usually to schedule my 3rd Period, which is Spanish. While my third period doesn’t work for this, it can vary from person to person, leaving yourself an easy way to relax. It can also be a good idea to schedule a class near your fourth period class, such as my fifth period,Math, in the room right next door. Finding a study hall classroom also works, but don’t just disappear! You still have to check in to ensure you aren’t marked as AWOL. Repeating what you did Tuesday could also help on Thursday, and vice versa. Lastly, if you are still stuck but have proper grades, try heading to an EC class, like PE. Overall, you have quite a few options to deal with a forced schedule change.