Husky in the Hot Seat: Cynthia Newsome


Miguel Castillo, Staff Writer

Miguel Castillo: What’s your name?
Cynthia Newsome: My name is Mrs. Cynthia Gonzalez Newsome or Señora Newsome!
Miguel Castillo: What grades do you teach?
Cynthia Newsome: I teach 9th to 12th grade students, they are all amazing!
Miguel Castillo: How long have you been teaching?
Cynthia Newsome: I have been in the classroom for thirty years, I was a paraprofessional for 20 years. I have taught Spanish for 12 years now.
Miguel Castillo: Why did you choose Hughson High?
Cynthia Newsome: I chose Hughson High School because it is amazing and the kids are ALL super smart!
Miguel Castillo: What’s something you love about our community?
Cynthia Newsome: I love the small town feel and all of the great food in our little town!
Miguel Castillo: What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher?
Cynthia Newsome: What I love most about being a teacher is watching young people grow into young
adults! Watching them go off to college is very rewarding!
Miguel Castillo: What’s the best piece of advice you can give students/teachers/etc?
Cynthia Newsome: My best advice is to do the best you can and be happy with your best! Learn from your mistakes and ¡Nunca te rindas! (never give up)!
Miguel Castillo: Who is someone you look up to?
Cynthia Newsome: I look up to people who are kind and serve others. I look up to all of the teachers at Hughson High School! My aunt Leonor H. Villarreal is someone who saved me when I was young and I will be forever grateful.
Miguel Castillo: Why did you choose to teach ?
Cynthia Newsome: I always liked working with young people so when teachers told me that I would be a good teacher, I thought what a great idea, let’s go!
Miguel Castillo: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
Cynthia Newsome: I don’t know if it’s fun but I love music, it makes me happy, gives me energy and helps me get my work done. I love Spanish music, country music, blues, bluegrass, gospel, classical music, etc.! I also play Fortnite and FIFA!