CAASPP Testing Begins at HHS


Lesly Avila-Rodriguez, Staff Writer

From April 24–May 9, 2023, CAASPP testing begins for 11th grade students. Testing for English, Math and Science, students will follow a daily block schedule, including 12th graders and lower class men. From even to odd classes to cover their testing portions; For the English portions, students will be taking their tests with Mr. Schiffmann, that includes ALL 11th grade students. For the math portion, students will be testing with Mr. Michaelis during their math class. If they do not have Michaelis as a teacher, they will be instructed where to go

For the science portion, students will be testing during their history classes with Mr. Kroll. Any students who have testing accommodations for any of the test portions will be testing with Mrs. Moore in Room 25 during their assigned periods. Makeups will be offered on May 10th but other days can be scheduled too, All testing should be completed by May 19th, 2023.

It is highly encouraged to have good attendance during these testing days, as well as a good breakfast and being well rested. During testing, take your time and carefully read through questions, if you are not unsure about an answer to make an educated guess. Best of luck Huskies!