Hughson Hosts Fruit and Nut Festival


Johnny Martinez, Staff Writer

As the school year comes closer to an end, Hughson’s annual Fruit & Nut Festival has helped us close off the month of April! Every year around April 29th, the community of Hughson hosts a Fruit & Nut festival full of exciting activities! From music performed by our Hughson band students, to food courts, to tractor pulls, and much more! 

There are so many things to look at and participate in during the Hughson Fruit & Nut Festival. As a part of the community of Hughson, we encouraged everyone to come out and join the fun! Along with all of the fun activities and amazing shows, there are many local businesses who have generously decided to sponsor the event to bring more fun around the corner! There’s car and truck shows, Elvis Presley impersonators, Main Stage Entertainment, and even booths for making your own ice cream!

Along with the different musicians and performers of the community, our own Hughson High School students came along to perform their music as well! The HHS Drumline and the HHS Jazz Band performed some amazing pieces for the community of Hughson and anyone else who visited!

Whether you live in Hughson, out of town, or somewhere far away, we enjoyed having everyone there to make the experience that much better! The Hughson community appreciates all of the families, friends, and everyone in between who came to visit this exciting event! Summer is just around the corner and our community has officially introduced the end of April with the Hughson Fruit & Nut Festival!