Wrap Up on Freshman Year

Adisyn Powers, Staff Writer

      Freshman year is preached to most incoming students that it is the worst year of your high school career. But from my experience it has been so much fun. Starting in August, you are given many opportunities from the first day of school. I decided to get involved in sports, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. I have gained many friendships from all of the teams I have been a part of. Joining these various sports teams has helped me acquire leadership skills and taught me to communicate with others. 

      Becoming involved in clubs and extracurricular activities can also make your freshman year more enjoyable. I became involved in FFA, which is the Future Farmers of America club. I was also a part of the Journalism class which allowed me to learn the basics of interviewing and writing while also getting experience with talking to people. 

       Going to high school compared to elementary and middle school has been a big change. Gaining a lot of freedom and responsibilities can be a lot. But in the end it has been so much fun. Taking part in the electives, clubs and watching sporting events with my friends has been a blast. Overall freshman year has been way better than I had expected.