Using Phones in Class- Good or Bad?


Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Admit it. We’ve all snuck on our phones when we weren’t supposed to at one point or another. Even at school. Even as you read this very story. So this brings a point, what is my stance on phones in class? I mean, that would be valid to guess considering the story title. So, let’s talk about it.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with phones in class, to me. There are good and bad things they are capable of causing however. I’ll start with the negatives, which is usually caused by behavior while on it. Most classes are lectures, which is usually a BAD place for phones. The longer you’re on them, the more info you could miss out on. If it’s a ramble about something you are aware about, or have the general idea of a concept, it wouldn’t hurt if it’s not bothering everyone. You should always listen to the teacher however, as there is a thin line between a detention and you being able to get on your phone AFTER class, written in ink.

For freetime and in-between moments where you have trouble focusing, phones can help provide a distraction. In class, they can be used to great effect to eat some time while the teacher is talking, but mostly for a brief moment, and like I said, ONLY if it’s allowed or for a quick glance in a teacher’s lecture, if it doesn’t really matter.

For a general rule of thumb, DON’T be on your phone during class. NEVER touch it mid test, as that is about as suspicious as asking your neighbor for help. And ALWAYS follow your teacher’s policy for phones. Be respectful, as even if you find it boring, the teacher might find it offensive to see your nose dipped into your phone without a care. Snapchat can wait, your education can’t.