National Bike Month


Did you know that the month of May is national bike month? It was established in 1956 and was created to see the many benefits of bicycling. The National Bike Month was promoted by the League of Bicyclists from America and is being celebrated in communities from coast to coast. 

Bicycles are used by people worldwide including salesmen, police officers, kids, teenagers, adults, etc. Studies show that biking a couple times a week reduces blood pressure and stress, it also increases energy and elevates mood. Bikes help to reduce traffic congestion and contribute to help reduce both noise and air pollution. The first Bicycle was thought to be made by a Scottish blacksmith by the name of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, but many are not sure of this claim. Afterwards, many other European inventors had followed up on creating their own bicycle and adding on to the original invention. Modern bicycles are the most efficient means of human transportation in terms of energy a human uses and by how practical they are.   

The month of May is National Bike Month. It was created to highlight the benefits of biking physically, mentally, and environmentally. Biking or walking is an easy way to help reduce harm within the environment, it helps to make a positive difference.