Music Therapy


Jaelee Calk, Staff Writer

Music is key. You may not think that, but it’s true. Music can collectively make you feel better, and it can be any genre, whichever is best suited for your taste. Music can bring a calm, melodic, and soothing sound as it passes through your brain, and overall just create a healthy feeling in general. But at the same time, music can pass along other emotions you might not expect, but it’s not always bad. Not only that, but music can simultaneously bring people and happiness together, creating a whole new feeling. Whether it be a euphoric feeling, or a strong sense of connection around you.  Music basically speaks to the brain, and can save people’s lives. In so many ways, it’s truly amazing how our brains react to music, and how it can benefit you in many different ways. Music will never stop being important to the world and one’s mental health. It can really improve your life, but that’s not the only factor in improving mental health.