The Importance of Art


Jaelee Calk, Staff Writer

Art is a good form of expression. Art can help you in many ways, it can be any genre of art. Art can help meditate your thoughts and feelings and you as an individual. Art can open your mind, it can lead to good things and you can form perspectives that you might not have before. Not only that, it brings waves of emotions, it can bring a spark in you. It could light up your soul and your mind, but that goes unnoticed beyond people. Art is more important than people think. Without the many forms of art, where would we be right now? How else would we be able to express ourselves? Words are a form of art as well. Art is everything; building, drawing, coloring, writing, painting, etc. That and more, are considered art. The way we form connections is partially based on art as well. It’s an important detail of life, and it influences us greatly. A lot of the things we have, it’s art. Inventions are considered art as well, believe it or not. Art can intensify emotions, both good and bad, but that’s the beauty of it.