2023 Seniors’ Next Step


Jalei Nhothsiri, Staff Writer

High school. A place where many people have different opinions on, we either hear they love or hate it. But how do those who have experienced all of it all feel? Right now, I know many of us would love to say we dislike high school, but do those feelings change when it comes to an end? Most importantly, what happens next? We are so focused on the present in high school but, what comes after? Today, I’m going to share with you the opinions of our fellow seniors! Let’s find out and hear about their thoughts on their overall experience, how they have prepared, do they regret anything and their plans on that “next step” after they graduate.

Logann Meyer, a Hughson High senior, stated, “It has been the best 4 years of my life and I’ve made so many friendships and memories that’ll last forever. I’m excited to start this next part in my life, however I am very sad to graduate. I loved High School,” Meyer expressed. “I would only change being in more clubs now because my junior and senior year I haven’t been a part of many clubs. I am going to miss the three sports I played: volleyball, soccer, and track, Friday Night Lights, all school activities especially homecoming week and seeing all my friends everyday. I am not going to miss waking up early everyday,” Meyer added. 

Meyer continued,  “I’ve been preparing by talking to friends and teachers at HHS along with meeting with counselors at MJC helping me pick out classes for the fall. After high school I will attend MJC and play soccer and run track for them as well. I plan to transfer to a four year college after,” Meyer explained. “I would love to become a second grade teacher or teach high schoolers. I had an inspiring second grade teacher who had the biggest impact on me wanting to become a teacher. I would love to coach soccer or track as well at the high school level,” Meyer noted. 

Lastly Meyer included that, in 5 years she sees herself in college or graduating and becoming a teacher. Meyer also said, “In 10 years I hope I have my own classroom, being a coach on the side and hopefully married with kids.” Finally, Meyer wanted to add, “Time flies by so, soak everyday up and don’t be afraid to try new things.” 

Now that we have heard opinions from one senior, let’s continue to hear more from one of our own newcomers! What are their own personal dreams? Do they wish to pursue something different?

Abigayle Onate, a senior at Hughson High said, “It’s been pretty good, it is my first year here at Hughson and I love the small school.” Onate expressed her feelings on graduating, “I loved highschool. I’m excited to graduate because I have goals after high school, so I want to get out of highschool and start my goals. I will be going to MJC to play soccer and while I’m in college I will be studying fire science and try to become a firefighter,” Onate shared.  “My dream career is to become a firefighter and if that doesn’t work out I’m going to fall back on becoming a nurse.” Onate explained, “When I went to Livingston I took these classes for my pathway called intro to public services which really opened my eyes into becoming a firefighter.”

Onate continued to add, “I’m really going to miss playing soccer and playing track for Highschool and I will not miss english.” “In five years I see myself graduating from the fire program and being a fulltime firefighter.” “Advice I have is do not wait to turn in homework because it only piles up and it gets very stressful.”  

Lastly, a Hughson High senior, Hudson Conners, said, “I feel like everyone had a wack year just because of covid, in that way it’s been interesting. Other than that it was pretty basic, nothing crazy happened. I definitely enjoyed it and made a lot of friends coming from a pretty small school. I really enjoyed all the new people I got to meet and new groups I got to experience. I know for some people it hits really hard and say this has been my whole environment for the past years but coming as an outsider it’s been a fun four years but I don’t want to stay here. I am not going to get teary eyed, I am going to miss all these people but I know those with strong connections I’ve met, I will see them again. College isn’t something that I am going away forever.”

Conners continued to talk about his future plans and how he plans to take that “next step.” He also informs us what has helped him along the way so far! So let’s hear what he has to say!

 “My plans right now is to go to a community college in Lake Tahoe, they offered me a spot on their running team for track and cross country.” Conners stated. “Academically I hope to get into the business field and become an accountant, I feel like I would be really good at accounting, it’s my dream career,” Conners noted. Conners explained, “A lot of math classes helped, I took pre-calc my junior year and calculus my senior year. Obviously I won’t be using calculus for that job but it has been a good experience. Another thing that has been pretty helpful is Ag, they keep record books on what we are doing, what we are spending, and finances in general, so it’s been cool to practice that which could help me.”

Conners carried on, “I think the biggest thing that contributed to my success was my teachers. They really create the environment so we can succeed. I am a really big believer in “If you have good teachers then you have good students, then you have a great school.” Conners said, “It is a small school but we have a lot of opportunities for kids that actually want it.”

Conners shared what he would do if he could go back,  “Things I would like to change if I could would be my involvement, in my freshman year I would get involved in a lot more. I am the first in my family to go to a public school like this so I didn’t know what to expect but as I got older I got more involved,” Conners added. 

Finally, Conners said, “I found it really fun to be a part of this community. What I would’ve told myself, get involved. It sounds like a broken record. People say it all the time, get involved but I mean it’s true, do it.”