Beat the Bears

Xavier Pabon , Staff Writer

On Friday, September 13th, the Hughson Huskies football team went up against the Summerville Bears in an exciting match-up at the Hughson High School stadium. 


Hughson won the coin toss and started with the ball quickly going on to get a first down.  Hughson continued the pace gaining one first down after another. 


Nine minutes into the game, Hughson suffered its first penalty for holding but they recovered when Summerville fumbled the ball allowing the Huskies switch back to offense.


Summerville then called the first timeout of the game, but Summerville’s play was shut down when then Huskies scored their first touchdown, scored by Aiden Meyer.


“It [the first touchdown] felt great, I love helping the team win,” said Junior Adien Meyer.


The final touchdown of the first quarter was scored by Nolan Rawe.


“I thought Friday night’s game was great all around. The student section and band’s energy kept us playing great all night,” said Junior Nolan Rawe.  “I thought my touchdown was exciting – being able to contribute to the team win.”  


The second quarter kicked off with an immediate touchdown and field goal, by the Huskies. 


After another timeout, Summerville had a turnover, giving the Huskies the ball once again and allowing the Huskies to run multiple plays.  The final score of the first half was 24-0.

The third quarter started with Summerville fumbling the ball and the Huskies taking advantage of the mistake by scoring a touchdown nine minutes into the third quarter. Hughson had a timeout, followed by a second one by Summerville, leading to a greatly played quarter. 


The game ended with a score of 30-0, Hughson 30, Summerville 0 – Huskies leading to a flawless victory.


After a week full of distractions, I was extremely proud of how our team responded Friday night,” said Quarterback Coach Nick Brown. “The excitement, passion, and resiliency of our team was on full display Friday night, and I’m happy we were able to pull out a win for the home crowd.”